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Qualified Plan Advisors: July Advocate Newsletter

United States Supreme Court to Hear Excessive Fee Case We have experienced a fair amount of retirement plan litigation over the last decade. The litigation pace picked up during the COVID-19 pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down. That pace could accelerate, in fact, if the United States Supreme Court rules that plaintiffs can […]

The Bezos Effect: 3 Big Things Corporate Boards Need to Do About Succession Planning

Many successful leaders tend to be nonconformists. They often demonstrate individualism at an early age and aren’t afraid to break a few rules. It’s part of what makes them so successful. But their risk-taking behavior, especially in their personal lives, can present unique challenges for the boards that manage their companies.  What would happen to […]

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Tax Filing Need-to-Knows for 2020

Have you filed your 2020 taxes yet? We know it can be overwhelming doing your taxes in general and with 2020 being the year of the pandemic, there are even more questions surrounding this year’s tax season and Tax Day. Our advisors are here to help – check out answers to some of the most-asked […]

The Student Loan + Retirement Savings Balance

Should you pay off your student loans or save for your retirement first? This question poses the trade-off: having less money to pay toward student loans or not contributing as much to your retirement account. Especially for young professionals who have less disposable income, the challenge is determining how best to designate those funds. Here […]

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